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Rathor Mehandi Artist started Mehndi at the very young age of 30, where it initially was a hobby and eventually blossomed into a profession. He has been a professional Rathor Mehandi Artist for over 20 years and is now his full time career. His style is a convergence of Arabic and Indian designs as He is influenced by both of their respective cultural arts. He truly enjoys the art of mehndi as it has been around for thousands of years, and to continue such an ancient art form is believe is a privilege to be a part of something which He is very proud of.

Rathor Mehandi Artist is the lead Henna Artist of Rathor Mehandi Artist Mehndi, and also recently just graduated from university. His career started in South Delhi, but now has been a part of Many Exhibition Shows, ranging from bridal shows, to fashion catwalk shows. his main clientele are usually brides but also caters to all events and occasions from Eid to Henna Parties. He is a establiHed Rathor Mehandi Artist Art. Artist from South Delhi, He is also mobile to travel across England.

Rathor Mehandi Artist is highly influenced by the Moguls Empire and the Persian Empires art as their Art and architecture is amongst the best in the world, for instance the Taj Mahal, to the beautiful prints on Persian rugs. his designs are all versatile and take inspiration from arts stimulated from all cultures.

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